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Identifying Counterfeit Replacement Components

As the saying goes, “Fake is the new reality!” Everything in the world has a counterfeit version, whether it be a piece of technology, an accessory, or an article of clothing. Fake vehicle parts and accessories are also a major problem in the business. Many businesses are taking legal action against those who produce counterfeit components. Still, there’s a sizable portion of it out there, and you might find it. How can you tell the difference between a real one and a phoney one? Let’s look at some other questions that come up while discussing phony components before we address this one. Know how to get authentic vehicle parts.

Just what are knockoff replacement components, anyway?

OEM and OES both produce auto and motorcycle replacement components. These replacement components are manufactured to exact specifications. These components are beneficial to automobiles since they are manufactured to exact specifications.

False Replacement Components

Meanwhile, the point of counterfeit spares is to save money for factories. This indicates shoddy work with plenty of space for mistakes. It’s possible that replicas will appear quite similar to the original thing. The material utilized to make those components is where the biggest variation may be found. In order to save money, these counterfeit components do not meet the quality criteria of the manufacturer.

How exactly do counterfeit components endanger you?

As was already said, the quality of imitations is poor. This implies that they are able to deal with both minor breakdowns and severe threats. Let’s examine the risks associated with various replacement components.

The danger of engine breakdown or explosion

The engine and powertrain cannot function without parts like spark plugs, drive belts, air filters, valves, etc. Using counterfeit parts might cause the engine to malfunction or even catch fire.

Injuries from the Windscreen

The load-bearing capacity and other specifications of OEM and OES-recommended windscreens are met. However, the fake windshields are not constructed to conform to these standards. This implies that artificial windshields will fracture under pressure, potentially endangering the people within.

Dangerous currents

The breakdown of electrical components is a leading cause of car fires. When these cars are investigated, it is often discovered that they have been fitted with knockoff or counterfeit electrical parts. These parts are not safe since they are not manufactured properly.

Irreparable damage to the structure

There is a misalignment between the crumple zones and the pillars of the cars and the fake body panels. This poses a danger to the people in the car. In the case of a collision, such panels or other body pieces may fail, perhaps causing harm. Most replacement components these days have a Quick Response (QR) code that can be scanned with a smartphone to verify their authenticity. The QR codes on the various replacement components aid with inventory management.

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