You won’t have to do anything for a home sale. When selling a house, it is common to sell it “as is” to a cash buyer at There are no time-consuming parts of the listing process, such as back-and-forth conversations, inspections, re-inspections, or any other time-consuming parts.

Cash buyers are usually eager to buy a house in any condition, no matter what it looks like. You are not required to make any of the needed repairs to the property at all. You are not required to follow any of the rules or regulations that are put in place for safety reasons. You won’t have to argue with the potential buyer about what needs to be done before the closing date.

How quickly can a cash transaction be finished once it has begun?

If the buyer like is ready to pay cash, you may be able to close the sale quickly and move on to other things without having to do more work or feel more stress. The investor will probably hire a team of general contractors to make some changes to your property so that the value of their investment will go up. You must sign on the dotted line, hand over the key, and get the money.

There’s a chance that cash buyers will buy your home. The sale could be done in as little as a week if that happens. You don’t have to give the original copy of the deed or any other paperwork at this time. All you have to do is check the settlement statement to ensure it’s right. When you list your house with a real estate agent, it adds a lot of time to the time it takes from when you get an offer to when you sign the papers at the closing table. To get the house ready to sell, you need to stage the inside and make changes to the outside to make it look better. While waiting for an offer to come in on the property, you’ll have to handle both individual showings and open houses. Your house could be on the market for weeks, months, or even years.